StrokesPlus 2.7.6

StrokesPlus 2.7.6: StrokesPlus is a lightweight mouse gesture recognition program for Windows. StrokesPlus is a lightweight mouse gesture recognition program for Windows. It is written in native Win32/x64 and does not require a hefty runtime like .NET, it only consumes 250-500k of RAM while running, utilizes Lua scripting for actions and provides a great deal of power and flexibility. StrokesPlus also allows you to define global hot keys as well as extends the standard mouse gesture model by allowing for gesture modifiers which increase the

Track Key Strokes 5.0.1: Keylogger software keystroke logger program monitor all keyboard typed character
Track Key Strokes 5.0.1

Keylogger software keystroke logger keystroke logging program monitors all keyboard typed characters and users activities on computer and laptop. Invisible keystroke recorder key logger is for recording of everything that is entered from the keyboard. Parents can monitors kids computer activities to knowing what their family members are search on your PC in your absence. It is a stealth surveillance application that is completely undetectable

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English for Beginners - Windows 5.0: Learn to speak and write in a foreign language quickly and effectively.
English for Beginners - Windows 5.0

Learn English with Strokes EASY LEARNING. Learn to speak and write English quickly and effectively. Complete Language Software for Beginners. Contents covering everyday situations, travel and business: With Strokes Easy Learning you learn exactly what you need in real life situations. The new Version includes: Voice Recognition - Spoken dialogue Pronunciation - Vocabulary - Grammar etc.

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Free Keylogging Advance keylogger application invisibly tracks whole entered keyboard activity
Free Keylogging

strokes activity, played music files, changes in document files and capture entire Windows screen snapshot periodically. Invisible computer surveillance software runs in hidden mode and does not show in start menu, control panel, add/remove program, desktop and etc. Easy to use and cost effective keylogger utility easily captures all typed keyboard action and generates report file of recorded strokes in to encrypted log files and send at user desired

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Qwerty Studio MOD Keylogger 1 1.00: A stable and fast key logger with awesome capabilities and a great low price.
Qwerty Studio MOD Keylogger 1 1.00

Qwerty Studio MOD Keylogger 1 is stable and fast key logger with awesome capabilities and an exceedingly low price. With it, you can: Get total control over your PC. Put the keylogger in invisible mode. Capture passwords and logins. Keep track of all keystrokes. Track all windows opened and websites visited. Monitor instant messaging programs by recording all keyboard strokes. Tracks text copied and pasted. See computer usage while you are away.

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Remote Keylogger Software Ex Keyboard monitoring software capture windows running application screen snapshot
Remote Keylogger Software Ex

Family key logger software track complete typed keyboard strokes, login email id, password of visited Yahoo, Gmail, Rediffmail websites, internet and PC usage, running application name, location, pressed special characters like alt, ctrl, shift. Advanced keyboard monitoring application record online offline activities, pressed key strokes by family members, working employees, organization staff and send at your specified email periodically.

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AppRobot Free Macro Recorder Automate mouse clicks, key-strokes and repetitive tasks on your computer
AppRobot Free Macro Recorder

No install, simply download & run. Automate mouse clicks, key-strokes and repetitive tasks on your computer: 1) Record mouse movements, clicks, and keystrokes. 2) Replay & auto-repeat macros on Windows computers. 3) Save your macros to a file or convert them to a standalone .EXE! 4) Schedule your .EXE macro to run at certain times with Task Scheduler! * Requires .NET Framework 3.5 (

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